Wind transportation is a core competency of ours, and the larger the scale, the greater the opportunity to showcase our capabilities.


Full-scope transportation of 43 complete towers to Southern AB. Including the transportation of the first 72 M blade to ever be transported in the Americas.


Managing the planning and logistics for a large-scale wind farm presents complexities of all types, and this project was no exception. Add to that, the fact that many of our designs and solutions had never been attempted before and we had much to overcome.

This project came down to our depth of talent as a team. Not just the experience of our project managers and support staff, but the bond we have with our trucking, barging, and stevedoring partners. We ask a lot of our team, and our partners as well. Collectively, they’ve shown their dedication on this project.
Aaron Gerber , VP of Sales


By championing a brand-new transportation corridor, as well as leveraging a barge and truck solution, we were able to problem solve on behalf of the client. Designing and fabricating brand-new trailing equipment for the first 72M blades of their kind was also a critical component of Pinnacle’s solution. Both conceiving new equipment and building a multi-model transportation solution can provide good insight into how Pinnacle operates—agnostic to modes of transportation, choosing only the option that is best for the client.

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