Pinnacle Logistics Solutions is Canada’s fastest-growing transportation & logistics company, and we’re on the lookout for professionals who share our passion about this industry and appreciate the abundance of growth and development opportunities we have to offer across three departments: sales, operations, and accounting.

We’re in a people-driven business, and our success is built upon a commitment to provide our clients with world-class care. In order to achieve such high-level results, we need a performance-driven team. And we make that happen by cultivating personal development and business growth.

That said, in addition to competitive packages, we offer a flexible work environment—trusting our employees to make good decisions in real time. Community engagement is also near and dear to Pinnacle, and we provide additional days off for volunteer work!

If you think Pinnacle Logistics Solutions could be the perfect place for you to develop both personally and professionally, then Contact Us today!

Recently named Canada’s fastest-growing transport & logistics company, and third-fastest-growing startup overall, Pinnacle’s success is directly tied to its people.

It’s why we believe that personal and professional growth are linked. It’s also why we endeavor to recruit and hire like-minded professionals interested in evolving their careers on both levels, while at the same time, partnering with Pinnacle as we strive to become the industry’s choice for quality logistics solutions.

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