Navigating a Post-Covid Market

Over the past several months, we’ve been hearing a similar story from our clients: supply chains are in chaos, and badly needed materials are becoming increasingly difficult to source. Insulation, lumber, steel, and other construction materials are being delayed for months, and our customers are hurting as a result. As the economy comes back to life, construction demand is on the rise. But without raw materials, these jobs simply can’t be done.

     For example, in recent years, if a business needed steel, they could rely on a handful of suppliers to deliver. Even if the price wasn’t ideal, supply was available and could usually be delivered within a few days. Today, clients are looking at six-week delivery windows – and that’s if product can be found at all. Not only is supply scarce, but prices are exorbitant: the average price of steel sits at $1,500 US/ton, about three times the 20-year average. For many of our clients, this situation was more than just an inconvenience; it was a matter of business survival.

     That’s where Pinnacle stepped in. When it became clear that traditional methods of raw-material procurement were no longer viable, we got creative, even tenacious, in hunting down a solution for our clients. In one instance, we secured capacity and shipped 8,000 metric tons of steel for our client in a market that was booking three months out. We helped cement their relationship with a new supplier while expanding their opportunities for sourcing raw materials.

     That’s why we’re encouraging our customers to take control of their supply chains, and letting them know they can lean on Pinnacle to do so. We’re more than just a company that can solve your transportation challenges. We’re also your trusted advisor and strategic partner. We go above and beyond to cultivate solutions. In this most recent case, we leveraged our marine expertise to charter a vessel for our client, but that’s just one of the ways we can serve your needs.

     The bigger the challenge, the harder we work to provide a custom-built solution that works for you. It’s what we do.

Best Regards,

Aaron Gerber


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