Pinnacle Logistics Solutions Signs Joint Venture Agreement with Acho Dene Koe (ADK) First Nation, forming Acho Pinnacle Logistics Ltd.


As a direct example of its commitment to the development of Indigenous peoples within Canada through partnerships, Canadian transportation and logistics leader, Pinnacle Logistics Solutions (Pinnacle), recently established a joint venture with the Acho Dene Koe First Nation (ADKFN), whose traditional territory spans three jurisdictions: Northwest Territories, where many reside in the Hamlet of Fort Liard, Northern British Columbia and the South-eastern Yukon Territory. The name of the newly formed entity is known as Acho Pinnacle Logistics Ltd.

Recognized for its continuous growth and development across a number of industries, ADK Holdings Ltd., the economic arm of ADKFN, boasts a growing portfolio of subsidiaries, partnerships and joint ventures – with interests in oil and gas development, construction, camps and catering, drilling, energy transmission, real estate, crane services, aviation and now transportation logistics.

Pinnacle considers ADKFN one of the most entrepreneurial First Nations communities it has had the pleasure of interacting with, and views the joint venture as a tremendous opportunity to both establish a local presence and benefit from the active engagement and commitment from the ADKFN team.

Recognizing an abundance of opportunity in the Western Arctic, Pinnacle and ADKFN are now well positioned – through this joint venture – to play a role in transportation and procurement.

To that end, while Pinnacle and ADK look forward to working together very soon on their first project, the relationship Pinnacle has cultivated with ADK represents more than just work. Pinnacle also believes it has a role to play when it comes to both inclusion and training within the indigenous communities it partners with.

“Diversification within our partnerships and supplier base is paramount to the work we do,” indicated Gord McNeil, who works in business development. “We’re also focused on skills development and training within these communities. The aim is to inspire individuals through practical skills training within the transportation and logistics space. Our desire is always to hire and train locally, engaging the First Nations communities in which the work is taking place.”

McNeil pointed to a dual-benefit reality where Pinnacle is facilitating projects within these areas – like mining, construction and infrastructure – while at the same time creating long-term opportunities for the people living there.

“We want the locals to have that opportunity – to participate in the work – to keep money in the community,” he added. “We’d like to think that transportation and logistics have made our people a good career, and we just hope we can attract some young people into the industry and give them something to build on. Our partners are very supportive of it and believe it’s a great way to leave a legacy within the communities we’re working.”

In the case of the ADK joint venture, McNeil explained that Pinnacle began reaching out to them about a year ago with the idea of acknowledging the prospects within the region for transport and logistics services – especially in connection with mining and construction.

And when travel starts to open up, McNeil and Pinnacle will begin to build on the opportunity to learn alongside their First Nations friends, while benefitting from the local presence they provide. “We look forward to seeing some of our partners, innovating together and hopefully working with some young people in pursuit of additional career paths.”

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