An important part of what we do is support the modular building and manufacturing industry. One of the ways we do that is in the product design phase of the sales cycle. For us, that means educating our clients on height, width, and weight thresholds that will drive or reduce cost. Details like routing, bridge capacity, and regional regulations all play a part.


Deliver 28 modular components and generators to downtown Toronto inside a seven-night window.


Delivering oversized components into city centre presents a host of challenges. This project was scheduled at night in order to alleviate risk stemming from congestion. The timeline was also a consideration, as we were charged with delivering the components within a seven-day window.

Rarely does a project plan get executed precisely as it was drawn up. But that was the case with BMO. This project was a joy to manage, which is a credit to our client and the bang-up job done here.
Sean DeVries, Principal and Vice President of Operations


Complex projects like this one hinge on thorough and thoughtful planning. With engagement from our client, we built an efficient plan that reduced risk and enabled smooth execution.

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