Pairing Transport and Material Handling

In construction logistics, removing risk is paramount to overall success.

As we deepen our relationships with those responsible for the delivery of major construction projects, we understand the importance of maintaining the construction schedule. While identifying risk is a ubiquitous task, material handling is an area which presents critical opportunity if executed correctly.

By improving the flow of materials to various trades while minimizing the need for double handling, our clients see a lift to their bottom line, and more confidence across the project delivery lifecycle.

The procurement process may view material handling in a laydown area or marshalling yard as a separate scope but in our experience, pairing transportation and material handling under one logistics roof is a great way to deliver value to our clients. When executed properly, significant risk is removed from construction project schedules.

Finding new and innovative ways to support construction and mining projects is something my team and I think about often. We approach logistics differently and combining transportation with material handling is only one example of that. If you would like to explore ways Pinnacle can support your transportation project we would be glad to speak with you. We love problem solving and we love making new connections!

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Aaron Gerber


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