Pinnacle Logistics Solutions Elevates Roster and Leans Into Constructability With New Hire


Canadian transportation and logistics leader, Pinnacle Logistics Solutions (Pinnacle), has added tremendous depth to its leadership team with the recent hiring of industry veteran Dan Thorne.

With more than 35 years in the industry across the majority of sectors, Thorne brings both expertise and relationships to Pinnacle, as well as a skill set that Pinnacle believes will trigger a new way forward for the young and quickly evolving enterprise: constructability.

“We’re extremely excited to bring Dan on board as a principal consultant,” said Pinnacle Principal and Vice President of Sales, Aaron Gerber. “His vision for supporting our clients on the constructability side of the equation represents the next evolution for Pinnacle.”

Thorne spent eight years at Mammoet before joining Pinnacle, but his career has been a focus on construction logistics and engineering for the better part of four decades – which is what ultimately attracted him to Pinnacle.

“Pinnacle’s depth of experience – in covering all aspects of logistics – allows me the opportunity to offer extended scope beyond heavy lift and specialized transport,” he explained. “In this way, I can serve as a consultation arm to our other services, looking at them as a whole – with the additional expertise of a capable logistics partner to better understand what’s possible on any given jobsite.”

Essentially, constructability comprises a review of the design and building plan of a given project. With Thorne in control of the constructability offering at Pinnacle, the company envisions a true distinguisher – contributing expertise on modularization and logistics that can have vast implications on project milestones.   

“Throughout my career, I have been assisting clients during the early phases of project development, with an emphasis on constructability review, which can drive the design of whatever is being built,” he said. “I’m able to quickly determine if alternative methods can be considered in the design, and I encourage clients to look out of the box and be creative – to consider various levels of modularization in a controlled environment.”

According to Thorne, the benefits of constructability are numerous, and range from increased safety, QA/QC processes, productivity, schedule adherence, labor continuity and more.

“And with Pinnacle, we are additionally able to identify and overcome what logistical challenges might arise, and ultimately transport what has been built offsite to the jobsite – resulting in less of a footprint, less overall time spent and less cost,” he emphasized. “I’m always looking for what is in the best interest of the client and all stakeholders, and I’m motivated to do my part to support a team driven by the same passion.”

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