An important part of what we do is support the modular building industry. One of the ways we do that is in the product design phase of the sales cycle. For us, that means educating our clients on height, width, and weight thresholds that will drive or reduce cost. Details like routing, bridge capacity, and regional regulations all play a part.


Montraine was a turn-key project-management solution. In total, 28 modular units shipped in a two-week window into the greater NY area.


Sourcing efficient routing through NY for over-dimensional freight presents significant challenges. That, and lack of laydown space, meant our project plan and execution would have no room for error!

Finding a route that contended with NY bridges was a challenge that the team really enjoyed problem solving!

Sean DeVries, Principal and Vice President of Operations


Due to effective planning and experience, the team found a way to contend with the bridges and meet the project timelines.

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