Wind transportation is a core competency of ours, and the larger the scale, the greater the opportunity to showcase our capabilities.


Eleven complete towers over a five-week window.


Organizing wind transportation demands that we effectively manage multiple moving parts—route surveys, permitting, escorts, and hydro are just a few of the considerations. When the scope includes vast distance, each of those complexities are multiplied. Difficult terrain, and the heat of AZ added to the fun!

Being on site offered me an awesome opportunity to grow as a PM. The ability to respond and learn on the go is what makes this role fulfilling. It’s also what allows me to have an impact both on the road and in the office.
Travis Kennedy, Operations Coordinator


Having representation on site is often an important part of the solution, and this project was no exception. Like all wind projects, we were challenged to shift and adapt, which is exactly what we’ve built Pinnacle to do. The end result, we successfully delivered 11 complete towers inside a five-week window, with limited time for preparation.

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